• "We use Courtclean all the time. Their products are the best in the business and their management is first class!"
    Coach Zachary Johnson, Varsity Basketball Coach, Foothill High School, California
  • “The Courtclean Damp Mop System provides a complete and easy process in cleaning our portable floors. Time is extremely important. Take down time has to be fast and the portable floor has to be clean before being put into storage. Courtclean provides a system that meets the tight schedule of the operations department.”
    Ron Davidson, Director of Portable Floors, Connor Sports Flooring
  • “The Courtclean Damp Mop System is by far the most effective tool for cleaning sports floors. It safely removes body oils, saliva, and food spills from both wood and synthetic floors. It's quick and easy . No matter how large or small your sport floor, Courtlclean effectively cleans in minutes, dries immediately and helps prevent slippery floors.
    J. O'Malley, President, Gym Floor Resource

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